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Moon Palace, Sunrise Hotel tour & Momo Asian cuisine spectacular, Cancun, Mexico, Summer 2018

The Spectacular Moon Palace Hotel, Cancun, Mexico, So enormous it is split into 3 hotels, Sunrise, Nizuc, and The Grande. This video is a complete tour of Sunrise, it's almost like it is taken straight out of Disney's Coco with a wonderful Mexican feel, amazing water features and restaurants including the World famous Mono Asian restaurant, a combination of Fire, Martial arts and Fabulous food, a spectacular we share with you at the end of this video, Moon Palace, Cancun, Mexico 2018
Minh Nguyen : We were there in July 2018. Beautiful resort. Buffet food was so-so. Even the Japanese restaurant was good but not stellar. Same experience with the Italian food there. Service was very good though. Nice video, repetitive music takes away from it.
Alynna Benavides : In my opinion , Sunrise was nicer than The Grand although the Grand is waaay more expensive! I loved it here. The service was amazing
Extra : I'also have to say this but sunrise was better then the grand cause it was much quiter and didnt feel like there was alot of activitites unlike sunrise
Extra : Is it me or if theres not alot of people it doesnt feel like a vacation?
SovereignGTA : I miss Sunrise, I go there every year for summer...but I missed out due to COVID-19

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IELTS LISTENING MR.GRIFFIN is coming for a business trip
Pam Kaur : Cost is right or wrong?
Pam Kaur : Peaceful and easy ,is right or wrong
Abror Pardayev : А где можно найти ответы этого листенинга?
Parneet Kaur : Right
K J : absolutely right..

Sunrise Hotel 3★ Bulgaria Golden Sands

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Juste : 4 Stars
thomasgarske : i love bulgaria....
Manda Claudiu : frumos
Robert Power :
Николай Степаненко : I now in this hotel ))]




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