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5 modes of Sony ICD-UX200 Digital Voice Recorder


Testing the abilities of Sony ICD-UX200 Digital Voice Recorder we have realized that this is not an amateur's tool because it offers 5 different modes of recording with 128kbps being the highest quality one and you have to agree that it is quite good for one little audio recorder.With it you can go and store up to 33 hours of audio content (of the best quality) or 535 hours as a total maximum of storable material. No matter which kind of work you are into we are pretty certain that this one is going to suit you.

SONY ICD-UX200 Digital Voice Recorder Review

I know this isn't an e-cig review, but I was really impressed with this, so I thought I'd share. I tried to find a review online before I bought mine and didn't find one.

My in flight audio setup

A short video showing my new improved audio setup.
Digital voice recorder - Sony ICD UX512 2Gb - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0...
Cable - Pilot Avionics PA-80 Video/Audio Adapter Cable (GA Twin Plug) - http://www.transair.co.uk/sp+Aviation...




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