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Explaining USB 3.0

This video explains the new 'superspeed' USB 3.0 standard for connecting things to computers. It is produced and presented by Christopher Barnatt of, and Associate Professor of Computing \u0026 Future Studies in Nottingham University Business School.

USB 3.0 - Everything You Need to Know in About a Minute

USB3 can be confusing for general consumers. In this episode Linus explains the difference between USB2 and USB3, while providing a real-world demonstration of how fast they are.


Linus Tech Tips Forum:

How to Connect the USB 3.0 Front Panel to Your Motherboard (or USB 3.1/3.2)

Connect a USB 3.0 front panel or box case connector port to the mainboard with these easy steps on different motherboards. Realize whether or not it has a port at all. USB 3.1 uses a different but somewhat similar port ,which should be no problem to identify too.
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